Stealth Drums and Percussion

Acoustic Elegance... Stealth Electronic Drum and Cymbal Trigger Conversions


Just that ....... some of the links that I visit.....

Musicians Collaboration Studio This is an Excellent site for joining up with other musicians on the net and putting your part into the mix!

Audio Minds   Another great meeting place of musicians and songwriters on the internet..

dBpoweramp This is a tool that you'll use a lot in music collaboration. Convert your music files for more compact uploading and downloading. It's free, and it works great! Many codecs can be added free also in the link below, Including lossless ... Monkeys Audio.

dBpoweramp Codec Central   All the plug ins you'll want for dBpoweramp.    One of my favorite places to hang out on the internet.... and a world of info about electronic drums. Many, Many Friends here.... My compadres in V-drum crime!

V Expressions Limited   These are the Must Have drum kits for the Roland TD series modules. Chris has done some incredible work to model drum kits after famous kits and drummers, and now Alan has joined forces to add even more diversity.  Edrum forum centered around Alesis brand Edrums. Plus some good DIY projects and new Edrum scoops. Phil's site.  

Unofficial 2Box Forum  A great forum centered around the 2Box Electronic drums. 

2Box Drums  The site for 2Box electronic drums, US and the rest of the world.  Quick acoustic cymbal muting and they work well with Stealth cymbal triggers for those that prefer this option.