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8-15-2018 It's been ages since I put any music up on this page, LOL ..... so I decided to stick a few recent recordings I've done. These are simple stereo recordings I did inside the Pearl Mimic Pro sound module using the internal recorder. I ran an audio cable from my Mp3 player to the Aux. In of the Mimic and simply played internal kit sounds on my Stealth Pearl Crystal Beat Kit with the drumless tunes. I have been really enjoying the VEX kit packs for the Pearl Mimic sound module and am using various kits from that in the module. Thanks for taking your time to browse my site, I'll try to add songs and stuff more frequently instead of once every 7-10 years .... LOL ,   J

Metallica Nothing Else Matters    Pearl Jam, Black   Spin Doctors, Two Princes  The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Impressions That I Get

3rd Eye Blind, Semi Charmed Life  3 Doors Down, When I'm Gone  Foo Fighters, Wheels  No Doubt, Don't Speak  

These are songs in some stage of On-Line Collaboration..... Infant Stage, Finished and In Between... I update the songs as new ones come along and I get around to it, so look for much more content in the future.                          

DANCE OF THE ROCK FARIES  Here's one that strikes my fancy. The start of a modern remake of a Classic.... Stephen R .... Keys, Jman....Drums

Make Believe    This is a cover song. I normally don't bother doing covers, but when I listened to Nitch's guitar in the bed track I was impressed. Having never heard the original song, I took a quick listen and then did my own thing. Nitch on vocals and guitar. Kenny on bass and keyboard. These guys really rocked it, thought I would cut loose on the drums instead of doing a lame imitation of the original drummer!

Young and Keen   This one is by Scott Le Rock on Guitars, Sibly on Vocals, Clark Griswold on Bass, and me on drums....

Frozen Heart  Another MCS collaboration with the excellent vocals of Ali Kat. Argile Mixed this one. Forgive me for forgetting all the players. I found it on my hard drive and will update the credits when I look into it.

I Can't Change How I feel  MCS collab from Stoman with Erroll Chug on vocs, R4M Guitars, Stoman keys. This was a heavy rock mix by an outsider. Not the accepted final mix .... but hey, I liked it. LOL

Silent Retreat  This was just an audition, not sure if we ever completed it. Stoman's song with Holger's excellent vocs.

Nothing Ever Changes   Another MCS collaboration with Casia(lyricist), Detune, Stoman, Docca3, Jman(me), and canuk62 ... This original has a little bit of "the Doors" feel to it, another one of my recent favorites. Sept 09. 

I Can See You (In My Dreams)  An Honor to play on a tune with some of the talented folks at Collaboration Central...Here's the Credits: Lyrics, Vocals, Production - Curtis Downey , Music, Piano, and Strings - Paul D. , Bass - Jeff ,  Drums- JmanWord, Guitars -FrederickRM  , Backing Vocals - Brina , Special thanks to TallPaul for help with the melody

Are We Having Fun    Another one with Scott Le Rock... evansorchid did the vocals.

Practice MP3  Just a drumless track I laid down some drums with... and a bit of percussion... we'll call it practice.

CC Drum Collaboration    This one was the most fun collab I've worked on yet.. At Collaboration Central .... 6 drummers and a Great guy and guitarist, Saz... Saz put it together, and the drummers had some fun... Why can't everybody get along as well as drummers... try puttin 6 divas in the same room together! ...... Cat fight! LOL. Drummers in order of appearance: 1. stevegardner  2. jrobbins  3. jwoo10  4. Blades(Redbrick)  5.johnnie7au  6. Jman

Left Alone   Born from the song My Pain.... Still in the audition stages.... Sergio threw a quick 1 take lead idea at this, not honed yet, but I'm starting to like this one!

MY Pain  Well My Pain split off and became 2 songs... My Pain...this version.. and Left Alone... which is using some of the original ideas from the earlier version of My Pain.....   This is Curtis' Final Mix on this.

Rainbow  This one still needs the final mix. It's a good example of ideas growing, and changing in the development of songs. Curtis' song/Vox, Jerm early arrangement and backing vox, Edmon lead and rhythm guits, backing vox, AbbeyRoad Bass guit, me on the Vdrums.

Rainbow Revisted   Cutis' final mix.
Contradictions  Jesperai's song: Jesperai on Vocals, Bass, Acoustic and Rhythm Guitars, RJFoster on Rythm and Lead Guitars. 

Cardboard Town   A song by Tunemaker @ The Recording Project..... Lyrics-GenericNoNaymeMan, Tunemaker on Guitars and Synth intro, Scrubs on Vocals and Bass, CGibson-Backing Vocals, TamaSabian-Tamborine, Dafduc on Synth.

Chemistry  This is a song by Jeremy at CC ... Nick T put some additional guitars in this Mix of his... not finished yet, but I like the way it's shaping up!

Lady's Got the Moves  Curtis-Lyrics, Vocals, and Mix, Bobby Watson-Pianos and JimmyMac all Guitars and Bass.

We Are Not Alone  This one is from MCS:  Brina: Synthesizer/Strings and mix, Stucio Player: Gutar/Gutar effects, Haz: Bass, Curtis: Lyrics/Vocals, Ray Gresset: Lead Guitar, and me on Drums .

Waiting on the Bell to Ring   Another tune from the Musicians Collaboration forum. This one is by Ray.... Sharpola.

Why Can't I Just Get Old   One of several tunes I had the pleasure of playing on by Kelly with Tubes at the Music Collab forum

Jungle Life This is one from Collaboration Central. A tune that Steffen/Stoman1 posted requesting additional drums and percussion. Just up my alley with all my toys. I added a drum track and additional African percussion, wildlife included... LOL

Life Turns Around  Another tune from MCS. This is a song by AJ/srvfender. AJ: Author, guitar and vocals, Jaaman: Keyboard, mix and master. Davidinoz: Bass. And me on the drums.

I've got my own way   From MCS. Another song by AJ/srvfender. AJ: Author, guitars, vocals and mix. Aidan on cellos, jaaman: strings/keyboards, Tubes is on Bass, and I am on Drums and a light shaker/percussion track. This song really reminds of of that cool James Taylor style. 

Blind Her to Me   Another MCS Collab. This one is a simple jam turned into a song and left it as a power trio. AJ: Author, Vocs, and guitar. Davidnoz on Bass and this is his mix, and me on drums.

I Saw Her   An alternative rock song by detune/Mark. Also from MCS, this one is not a finished collab... still in the process.

Hurricane  Not the usual style for Bobby of MCS. I like this one. This is in the early stages. I'll update it when it progresses further. A fun one to drum to for sure.

Can't Open My Eyes  Another one by AJ. AJ: Author, Vocs,and guitar. Davidnoz on Bass, jaaman on keys and orchestration, and me on drums and percussion. This one has gone through the mix literally! Besides AJ doing his own mix... Davidnoz put out a beautiful mix. And now CosmicD put together a really beautiful Master of his own. CosmicD's mix is the one I linked above... Thanks to all the mix masters for the time and effort on this one.... It really shows the beauty of collaboration on line.