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Well, My Life's Story ........ NOT!
But just a bit about me.... I'm Jerry, but a lot know me as Jman. It's my web handle that is as familiar to me as my real name!

The (A to EZ) Stealth Pro (2006):

This kit was chosen for both looks and function... Built with a small footprint.... Built for the Road.... Starting with the Excellent DW Collectors Series Black Velvet 5 pc. A kit... with Smartrigger cymbals and Hart EPedal II Hi Hat Stand/Controller. A real top of the line Beauty. And it is right where it should be at present.... On the Road...... Giggin! Video Demo  Here 

My Gretsch Catalina Birch Caribbean Kit (2005): 

With a new Gibraltar V-Rack with 4 side extensions.... Video demo of the complete kit

Stealth (A to E) Drum and Cymbal Conversion Kits For Your Own drum set

There are Pictures and info about purchasing Stealth Drum and Cymbal Conversion kits for your own acoustic drum and cymbal conversions on my Purchase page. I am now offering conversion kits for multiple brands of sound modules.


My Product Support is Exceptional

When I started offering Stealth Drum and Cymbal products I started off from day one with this principle: Treat others as I would want to be treated. And that is my practice with I want you to get everything running from the day you first setup to many years down the road. I answer any customer emails/calls promptly. If you ever do have problems I will troubleshoot quickly. Any returns for warranty service are normally handled the same day and in most cases the warranty item is repaired or replaced and shipped out the same day I receive a return or the following day. My products are well built and I get very few returns, but if you ever do need service, rest assured that it will be prompt. I go out of my way to keep my customers satisfied...... simple as that!

Don't forget to get your newest copy of digitalDrummer magazine. This is a magazine that really caters to the electronic drummer, covering all the bases! I love having all that info just a mouse click away on my PC. You'll see my ads there and check out the DIY section where you can participate and win free Stealth Drums products! Visit digitalDRUMMER


SDSE is the program you are definitely going to want for adding high quality VST drum/percussion sounds to your 2Box Drumit Five sound module. It is incredibly easy to do. Check out this thread for more info: Here Lustark has continued to add functions and features. Drumit Manager is another program in the list of great tools for the 2Box module.


Cymgard cymbal mutes are another option for muting acoustic cymbals for using your Stealth Cymbal Triggers. After testing on a new set of Meinl HCS cymbals I put up a short YouTube video showing the results. So besides the standard Stealth Cymbal Conversion kits you now can choose my cymbal triggers without the clear dampening sheets. A similar option is available for Gen16 AE cymbals. The YouTube demo video: Here


VdrumLib .... Lib short for librarian: I couldn't even guess just how much time I have saved by using this program. Not only can you rearrange kits on your computer... you can edit COSM features swap instruments between kits and do many other things to boot. I have a 3 module based "super kit" and use V Expressions kits. Now with this program I can load my favorite V Exp programs, make all the changes necessary for my very unique setup, save any changes I want on my computer, and load those customized kits back to my module in record time. I would guess I can accomplish in an hour what used to take me at least a full day.

V Expressions Limited 

I had the privilege of Demoing the latest and greatest customizations from
Alan and Chris at V Expressions Limited.... Yeah Man .... I'm Psyched!
Many Expansions have come out since my 1st testing of the products and the diversity and selection is incredible...... These sounds really bring the best out of the new Roland and now the Pearl Mimic Pro sound modules. The quality of the kits and the time saved to find that right sound is priceless. VEX kits leave me with the time to do what I like...... DRUM!

Here are pics of some of my original stock Monster vdrum kits. A blast from the past, before I built my Stealth conversion kits.

Stealth Drums Electronic Drum And Cymbal Trigger Conversion

My passion for Electronic Drums has grown steadily for many years now. I have taken that passion to a higher level with my latest acoustic to electronic ... stealth drum and cymbal models. Come on in, take a look around .... There are Music and Video Demos and more. Jman

Stealth Drums and Cymbals

I've never quite gotten over the looks and feel of a fine crafted acoustic drum kit. Time has been moving on and the advantages to electronic drums are weighing in heavy these days. Especially for those drummers who love to play but just can't afford the noise level of an acoustic drum kit. And the bands that want a great sound but also need to reduce stage volume. I have always enjoyed acoustic drums.... cherishing my kits like a fine set of furniture.... and the feel of those full size drums movin to the groovin as you play. .... Well no reason to sacrifice looks and feel simply to enjoy the advantages of E drums anymore.....

Here are the new Stealth (A to EZ) Drum kits I have built, The Stealth (A to EZ )Trigger System is a system of converting Acoustic Drums to Electronic Drums in a non-destructive manner. No Shell Damage! The Snare and Toms are 5 piezo trigger systems that were designed to take advantage of Positional Detection on the head and good, even rim response for Snare and Toms with sound modules that support those features. The Kick is a single piezo trigger. If desired the triggers can be removed and the kit converted back to acoustic by reinstalling the original heads and snare strainer ... just that EZ! 

Stealth Pearl Tangerine Glass Crystal Beat Kit with the Incredible Mimic Pro Sound Module (2018)

This is without a doubt the best/most realistic Electronic Drum experience for me to date. The Pearl Mimic Pro sound module is in a class by itself currently. The sounds and the realism of this module with my Stealth converted drums and cymbals is the best of the best! I have more info for drum and cymbal conversions for this module and a wide variety of other modules on my Purchase page. Above is just a quick video demo of my latest Stealth Pearl Tangerine Glass Crystal Beat kit powered by the Mimic Pro. Be sure to choose HD from the settings Icon for better sound.

My Stealth 2Box Drums/Cymbals and Custom Sounds with Stealth 32GB Card Mod Kit

In mid 2011 I bought and began using a 2Box Drumit Five drum module, replacing one of my TD-20X drum modules in my Mega Stealth Kit. Almost immediately after receiving my 2Box module I opened it up, and installed a special extension cable to extend the internal memory slot to the exterior of the module. This allowed me to upgrade from the 4GB card to a high speed 32GB card. With the card slot accessible I now have multiple 32GB cards and virtually unlimited amount of space for new sounds and kits. I also began by redesigning my Stealth Cymbal triggers specifically for this new module (My previous Stealth Drum triggers work well and need no modification). The results have been well worth the effort. Since the Drumit Five is an "open" sound source system I have been able to add high quality acoustic sounds from VST programs I have purchased. This is a stand alone drum module capable of playing VST quality sounds. It takes about 12 seconds from when I press the On button to load an incredible sounding array of drums. No latency problems, no PC to screw with, just plug n play with incredible, convincing drums and cymbals. My 1st video after building the 1st 10 new drum kits with this system is Here 
And here is another video of my latest kit on YouTube: Here

Gen16 AE Stealth Trigger project. I had seen that some clients had installed my Stealth Cymbal triggers on their Gen16 AE cymbals. Since I had not tested this personally I decided to pick up a used set of the cymbals, trigger them and test. These Gen16 AE triggers are now available to purchase! Here is the YouTube videos on my YouTube site: Here

And a brand new phase of sounds and detailed demo of the New Stealth 2Box Cymbal and Drum Conversion kits: Here

My Latest 3 zone ride (since 2009):  

This one has my brand new bell sensor and smaller trigger assembly (smaller trigger assembly is now on all my cymbal conversion kits). Just mount the cymbal like any other acoustic ride no piezo to protect anymore in the bottom bell area. Picture Here Video Demo Here

Stealth Birdseye Maple DW/Pacific Kit (2009):  

I have been busy. This is my newest kit. I have incorporated my Lectric-Roto toms (with pitch control), sliced some matching tom drums to build my Aux snare and piccolo toms. And added my latest Stealth no holes drilled cymbal conversion. A thread I started at is Here. A picture of the kit is Here. And my latest Video is Here.

My Acoustic Evolution Acrylic Blues (2007):  

A flash back to the past for me. This one is even nicer than my Vistalite kit from the late 70's. The acoustic drums were built for me by Roman of Starlite International.... and they are stellar! Add in my latest triggering, and my own custom built Lectrobans... and it is the drummers dream kit ..... to behold, to play and to hear. The latest folder of pictures is Here. A brand new Video Demo is Here

The A to EZ PDP LXE Kurillian Birch Exotic drum kit (2007):

This is where my dream kit and my A to EZ triggering skills meet! 

This is a 7 Pc kit with all the tom sizes available. Follow my progress at HERE  Pictures HERE 
And HERE. And the Video Demo of the LXE kit is HERE 

These are songs in some stage of On-Line Collaboration..... Infant Stage, Finished and In Between... I update the songs as new ones come along and I get around to it, so look for much more content in the future.

Stealth Drums and Percussion

Acoustic Elegance... Stealth Electronic Drum and Cymbal Trigger Conversions